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When it comes to our 435 U.S. Congressional Representatives, it's not about being liberal or conservative, it's about being American. Online voting is coming, it is the way of the future.

We don't want to be locked into representation by agenda driven political parties.

We believe that citizens should be able to guide their representatives on how they want them to cast their house vote on every issue - to let the will of the people become the action of our representative.

We believe representatives should serve only three terms in the House and two terms in the Senate.

The only path to a true representative democracy is by using technology to create an online direct democracy web site for every district nationwide.

Even after the election, everyone will still have an equal voice in our system.

7 out of 10 are willing to compromise, the other 3 who won't budge, are still protected. In the 1700's when our forefathers drafted the Constitution, they never envisioned citizens having the ability to collectively communicate so easily with their Representatives.

The founding fathers knew it was our differences that made us strong. It is the right of every U.S. citizen to have a voice at the table even if no one else wants to hear them speak.

In early 2013, The Tech Party began in Dania Beach, FL when neighbors and friends started talking about what we could do to make our government function better. It became apparent that some form of direct democracy was coming.

Then on November 8th, 2016, one of our original founding members Don Endriss became the first U.S. House Congressional direct democracy candidate in U.S. history to run on a direct democracy platform.

We believe The Tech Party system takes away the powers from party bosses with their hidden agendas and returns control back to the people. Our Tech Party system is supported by 7 out of 10 voters who want to participate.

It's no secret that the traditional political parties have developed rigid viewpoints. After an election, these parties get to decide who has access and control over their party's representatives. This is why Congress frustrates us. They are failing the greater majority, the 7 out of 10 Americans who now feel that they have no representation in Congress - even those who voted for the "winners".

Help us to restore the joy of public service for the common good. YOUR opinion, YOUR voice, YOUR vote, should not end after Election Day! Together, with faith in our ability to focus on where Americans agree, strong ground will be created to move workable solutions forward.

If you believe in The Tech Party platform, please share this web site with others.

It's time to combine something old with something new. Let's mix the original formula from 1776, with technology!

Direct Democracy + Technology = Representative Democracy

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